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Post by Admin on Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:07 am

Our aim is to provide a place to chat with as little censorship and interference as possible. Your co-operation with the following is appreciated:

1. Anyone who wishes to join is welcome but if we think you or your IP are dodgy we may ask you to provide additional ID and/or suspend your account. To avoid spamming etc new members cannot send private messages (PMs) and do not have full access to the forum. After 5 posts you'll granted PM privileges and when you have shown that you're not up to mischief you'll be awarded Full Membership status with all the entitlements that bestows. Isn't life grand?

2. Discuss any subject you wish but do not indulge in abuse relating to colour, race, nationality, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, religion or belief, or lack of religion.

3. Your posts are your own, don't expect us to carry the can if what you say now bites you later. Careful with anything potentially libellous, the rich and famous are keen to stay that way.

4. No RL stuff, doxing etc, leave that to other forums.

5. Banter is acceptable, abusing or bullying other members is not. This applies to Admin too.

6. Blatantly disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated but don't play the innocent if you indulge in a bit of trolling yourself.

7. If you need help or you find a post objectionable then contact Admin - we try but we are not mind readers.

8. Unless reincarnation turns out to be true then you will pass this way only once, don't waste it being an arsehole.


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