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Post by Guest on Sat May 18, 2013 9:23 am

Pisshead MP's Eric%20Joyce-1768973 drunken

Parliament is gripped by a booze culture with one in four MPs finding their colleagues guilty of drinking “unhealthy” amounts.

Speaker John Bercow tried to curb boozing after Eric Joyce went on a bar-room rampage last year.

And in a poll politicians were most concerned by blotto colleagues, with 31% of Labour members saying fellow MPs drink too much.

Another 20% of Tories and 19% of Lib Dems also thought Parliament needed to sober up.

Parliamentary authorities have insisted drinks in Westminster’s nine bars – which took £1.33million in one year – are not subsidised.

But they are still cheaper than in most nearby pubs.

Alcohol Concern, which commissioned the poll of 150 MPs, said the findings should come as a wake-up call.

Chief Executive Eric Appleby said: “If a quarter of employees reported an unhealthy drinking culture in any other organisation it would provoke immediate action by bosses.

“Surely it’s time for Parliament to rethink its drinking culture and lead by example.”

Speaker Bercow took action after Eric Joyce attacked fellow MPs in the Strangers’ Bar just over a year ago.

Bar staff were told not to serve MPs if they were already drunk.

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Most people would get sacked from their jobs if they were pissed whilst they were supposed to be working..I wonder how many of them are having extended lunches in the bars at the commons Dunno

The same could also be said for the private sector though and the bwankers...I mean i worked in that sector for a while and they were all in the bars at lunchtime...That and the River Thames has traces of cocaine in it and i'm of the opinion that cocaine led to the financial crash where the bwankers were snorting the stuff up their noses which led them to take greater financial risks whilst under the influence and whilst gambling the western world economies away. No


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Post by Guest on Sat May 18, 2013 9:59 am

Jack wrote:We have a load of pissed up drugged out millionaire chavs running the planet ... or should that be ruining the planet.

....The latter being the case Twisted Evil


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